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Pulaski County Public Library System

Acceptable Internet/Computer Use Policy

                 As part of its mission to provide a broad range of information in a variety of formats, the Pulaski County Public Library System provides access to the Internet.  In fulfilling its role of Information Provider, the Public Library System enables library patrons and staff to retrieve information using the Libraryís computer network to access global networks located on the Internet.

                 Pulaski County Public Library System does not control and cannot monitor the information available and accessed via the Internet; therefore, the Library System cannot be held responsible for its content.  The Library System cannot guarantee that information on the Internet is accurate.  If requested, Library Staff will assist patrons in conducting searches and offer guidance on evaluating sources and verifying information accessed on the Internet.  Library Patrons are encouraged to be critical consumers and to evaluate information carefully. 


  1. Anyone who has a valid Pulaski County Public Library System patron card or shows a valid picture identification if a non-resident of Pulaski County may check out the use of a computer with Internet access in whichever library branch they are using.  Use is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Patrons are to check out the computer for one (1) hour and may renew the computer for one (1) additional hour if needed provided no one is waiting to use a computer.  Patrons are asked to be considerate of others when using the computers.

Pulaski County Public Library System reserves the right to limit, restrict or extend computer privileges of patrons and their access to the available information resources in the Public Library.

Pulaski County Public Library System has unfiltered and filtered computers available for use as designated by the Library Board of Trustees. 

  1. Parents/Guardians must assume responsibility for Internet use by their child(ren) as Library Staff cannot act in loco parentis.  Only parents can restrict services and materials to their child(ren) and only for their child(ren).  The Library System will make available to parents information related to the safe Internet practices for children.

Library Patrons under the age of eighteen (18) must have a parentís/guardianís signature of permission (see Juvenile Internet/Computer Permission Form) to use the Libraryís computers especially when not accompanied in the Library by parent/guardian.  When a parent/guardian accompanies his/her child(ren) to the Public Library System to use a computer with Internet access, the parent/guardian determines whether his/her child(ren) has/have unfiltered or filtered use of computers. 

Children under the age of eight (8) may use the Internet only under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian.  Children between the age of eight (8) to twelve (12) will use the computers in the Childrenís Department if unaccompanied by a parent/guardian .  Youth between the ages of twelve (12) to eighteen (18) will use the computers designated for teens or for research/homework if unaccompanied by a parent/guardian. 

  1. Patrons may print information located on electronic databases and the Internet at fifteen (15) cents a page for black/white printing or twenty-five (25) cents per page for color printing.

A stand-alone computer will be available for patron use to do word processing/spreadsheets from their own floppy disks.  The Public Library System is not responsible for disks or for incorrect downloading of files.  The Public Library System is not responsible for any damages that may occur to disks as a result of electrical malfunctions, power surges, computer viruses, etc.  Printing is available from the stand-alone computer/printer.  Printing will be fifteen (15) cents per page.  Computer paper will be available from the Circulation or Information desks. 


Non-compliance with the Public Library Systemís policy and guidelines for computer/Internet use may result in denial of access to Public Library computers. 

By checking out a computer at the Pulaski County Public Library System, a Library Patron agrees to abide by the terms of the Public Library Systemís Acceptable Internet/Computer Use Policy and by the terms of related computer/Internet procedures of the Public Library System. 


The Standards of Intellectual Freedom and Confidentiality endorsed by the American LibraryAssociation (ALA) and the Pulaski County Public Library Board of Trustees for traditional library media shall apply to all electronic media including the Internet. 

The Library Staff will treat the contents of electronic files as private and confidential just as other library files.  Applicable Federal, State or local laws as well as Pulaski County Public Library System policies will govern any inspection of electronic files and any action based upon such inspections. 


The users of the Public Library computers as well as the Public Library System are bound by local, State and Federal laws relating to copyright, security, obscenity, pornography and other statues regarding electronic media.  Violations of the law will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. 

Illegal use, misuse or unauthorized use by Patrons of the Pulaski County Public Library System computers, facilities and information resources may result in permanent revocation of library privileges. 

Illegal use of computers that violate Federal, State or local laws include but are not limited by the following: 

  • Use of any Pulaski County Public Library Systemís computers to ďcrackĒ or ďhackĒ into the Library Systemís network or any other network system.
  • Use of a Pulaski County Public Library System computer for illegal or criminal purposes or intent that violate Federal, State or local laws or statues.
  • Using Internet access at the Pulaski County Public Library System for sending or retrieving pornographic or obscene materials as define by law or inappropriate text files or any files dangerous to the integrity of the Public Library Systemís network.
  • Sending or receiving copyrighted materials through Internet access without permission.
  • Placing unlawful information on the Internet using the Public Library Systemís computers.
  • Installing, downloading or using any unauthorized (personal) software on Public Library-owned computers.
  • Deliberately crashing any Pulaski County Public Library Systemís computers.
  • Vandalizing or any other malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of other users on the Internet such as creating or downloading computer viruses.
  • Any other activity expressly prohibited in the Computer/Internet procedures of the Pulaski County Public Library System.


Any misuse or unauthorized use by Library Patrons of the Pulaski County Public Library 
Systemís computers and the Internet that may be deemed unacceptable may result in the loss of computer/Internet privileges at the discretion of the Library Director and/or Library Board of Trustees. 

The following, though the list is not comprehensive, are unacceptable uses of the Pulaski County Public Library Systemís computers:

  • Using impolite, abusive or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private messages.

  • Sending inappropriate messages that are likely to result in the loss of a recipientís work or consuming excessive amounts of the networkís space; sending inappropriate messages which would cause congestion of the Internet and would likewise interfere with the work of others.

  • Saving or copying files on the hard drives of the Public Library Systemís computers.

  • Copying, installing, using software packages not provided by the Public Library System.

  • Using the Internet for political lobbying or commercial purposes for profit.

  • Attempting to gain access to or reading or attempting to read another personís electronic mail and files or those of the Pulaski County Public Library System.

  • Changing any computer files that belong to other persons or those of the Pulaski County Public Library System.

  • Tampering with or reconfiguring the Public Library Systemís computer equipment, software or data.

  • Circumventing security measures on the Public Library Systemís or remote computers and networks.

Approved:  February, 1999

Reviewed:  November 13, 2001

Revised:     November 27, 2001

Reviewed:  September 10 & 30, 2003

Revised/Approved:  September 30, 2003

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